Finding Nemo in Guimaras
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Tourist Information and Things To Do in Guimaras Island, Philipines

Buenavista Wharf / McArthur's Wharf

It was built by Lt. Douglas McArthur in 1903.

Punta Blanco & Camp Jossman

(Tinadtaran, Buenavista). Target range and military camp constructed by the United States Army in 1903.

Paradise Cove

(Sinapsapan, Jordan). Has a beach house and beach hut.

Hurot-Hurot Cave

(Brgy. Espinosa). It has two openings, 1 x2 meters and 2x1 meters. It is 50 meters more or less in length.

Higante Cave

Located at a lot owned by Mr. & Mrs. Nemesio Galve in Bgy. Espinosa, Jordan. It has 3 entrances, 3x4 ft. wide, 2x3 ft. wide, 2x3 ft. wide. It is 200 meters long more or less and could be found on top of the hill. Nipa huts are available with a good glimpse of Iloilo Strait. Has an abundant of stalagmites and stalactites.

Capitoguan Cave

Found at Bgy. Balcon Maravilla. A big cave full of bats and a good source of guano, a fertilizer for plants.

Buho Ramirez Cave

(Bgy. Lawi). It is a small cave but the entire entrance is going down more or less about 40-50 ft. deep. It has 3 openings with gushing water. Studies show that it could be a good source of spring water that can supply 2 barangays with 429 households.

Trappist Monastery (Bgy. San Miguel, Jordan)

The only trappist monastery in the Philippines run by the order of Cistersians of the Strict Observance. Balaan Bukid Shrine (Bgy. Hoskyn, Jordan). Where a large cross and a chapel were constructed on top of a mountain. Offers a scenic view of Iloilo City across Guimaras Strait.

Navalas Church (Navalas, Buenavista)

The oldest existing Roman Catholic Church in the province of Guimaras that has survived the ravages of time.

Navalas Church

(Navalas, Buenavista) The oldest existing Roman Catholic church in the province of Guimaras that has survived the ravages of time.

Roca Encantada

(Buenavista). Summer house of the Lopez family built in 1910 on top of a huge rock.


(Buenavista). A panoramic vacation house of the Lopez family; offers a picturesque view of Iloilo City.

Good Shepherd's Fold Academy (Buenavista)

45-hectare orphanage; offers high school, vocational training, practical arts, and sciences; built in 1946.

SEAFDEC Research Station

(Bgy. Magamay, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras). Where different kinds of fish are studied for the improvement of their species.

Special Interest

The Small Island Agricultural Support Services Program (SMISLE) took effort to under water world in order to identify the best of the island's sites for diving. They found out that most of the cora reefs were destroyed by dynamite fishing, but with the joint effort of the vigilant people in the coastal areas and the Bantay Dagat, Guimaras will have a lot of potential areas for diving.