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Guimaras Island: Manggahan Festival

Filipinos celebrate big; Ilonggos are no exception. In Guimaras Island, the biggest celebration of the year is the Manggahan festival. Named after the mangga (or mango) that is so highly-prized in the locality, the Manggahan festival tends to stretch several days in April as it brings out the creativity, and competitiveness, of the local populace.

A parade is almost obligatory during the Manggahan festival as it's a handy excuse for the locals to get decked out in their best costumes. Whether traditionally conservative or verging on Lady Gaga risque, the local young beauties vie for attention, waving to the crowd while sitting pretty on fabulously decorated floats. Street dancers will stage the inevitable dance battle. And a dancing mango mascot will weave in and out of the crowd, adding to the celebratory mood of the Manggahan festival.

Farmers may also have their very own parade, because the Manggahan festival pays homage to the fruits of their labor. But the highlight of the Manggahan festival is really the mango "eat all you can," where local gastronomes and tourists alike partake of the island's famed mangoes, but under certain conditions (e.g. one can only eat the mangoes bare-handed, without aid of knife).