Finding Nemo in Guimaras
Lazada Philippines

Don't bring mangoes to Guimaras Island unless you want to antagonize the locals. Not only do they put great stock on their own mangoes, but the local government bans visitors from importing any type of mangoes to the island, for fear of altering the genetic makeup of the Guimaras mango variety. Mangoes are their most prized export.

Guimaras mangoes were famous in the Philippines long before being hailed "the world's sweetest fruit" in the 1995 Guinness Book of World Records. The mangoes are reportedly a regular fixture in the dining halls of the royal, rich, or politically mighty. At times, locals wouldn't even get a taste of their own delicious mangoes as the lot would be carted abroad where such mangoes would fetch a higher price.

But there are also seasons when a crop of mangoes would be deemed unfit for export perhaps the mangoes are too small, not sweet enough, or harbor imperfections an ordinary person would dismiss as insignificant. Locals are protective of their mangoes, but they are also the most critical. They offer only the best.

So if a local hands you a mango, take it as a compliment, and pronounce it the best you've ever tasted.