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Hi Everyone!started by Sandy at 22:07 on 07 Aug 2010

3 Messages. Last by rhip at 10:39 on 05 Nov 2015

"Sandy, not sure if you remember me. I was great friends with your dad some time ago and was wondering how to get in touch with him..."

Buena Vista / San Isidrostarted by Gary Stokes at 12:47 on 29 Sep 2011

19 Messages. Last by keithwarren at 20:30 on 29 Jul 2012

"Naked women."

Where to hang out?!started by keithwarren at 02:51 on 29 Nov 2011

22 Messages. Last by Friendlyisle at 15:42 on 20 May 2012

"Aloha! Sorry for the delay. My gal informs me we are very near St. Joseph Parish Church in Lebas, San Lorenzo. Does that make s..."

Newcomer desire contact with folks in Guimarasstarted by charlie tadlong at 14:28 on 18 Apr 2011

21 Messages. Last by Friendlyisle at 14:49 on 22 Mar 2012

"Hi! I am a newcomer to this community forum. I would like to start communicating with someone from Guimaras. I have been fascin..."

Hellostarted by Michael & Lourdes at 02:58 on 29 Nov 2011

5 Messages. Last by Michael & Lourdes at 07:35 on 01 Dec 2011

"Okay: mee = meet and "diner" should be "dinner" I guess I should proof read before pressing the button..."